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Using UML

1. What Is the Unified Modeling Language ?

2. Inputs to UML

3. Evolution of the UML

4. Benefits of the Unified Modeling Language

5. Objectives: Iterative and Incremental Development

To be able to:

6. System Behavior
Objectives:System Behavior
You will be able to:

7. What is System Behavior?  

8. Major Concepts in Use Case Modeling


9. What is a Use-Case Model?

10. Benefits of a Use-Case Model
The use case model  

11. Actors

12. Use Cases 13. Sources of Information for Use Cases  
14. The Use Case Diagram  
15. Use Case Documentation

Use cases are documented in

Both documents are written in terms the customer will understand

16. Objects and Classes

You will be able to :


17. What  is an Object?

18. An Objects Has State  
19. An Object Has Behavior  
20. An Object Has Identity  
21. What are Classes ?

22. The Relationship Between Classes and Objects

23. Representing Classes

 24. Class Compartments
A class is comprised of three sections

The second and third section may be suppressed if they need not be visible on the diagram

25. Stereotypes

26. Boundary Class


27. Interfaces to Other Systems

28. Entity Class

29. Control Class

30. Object Interaction

31. Sequence Diagram

32.Collaboration Diagrams