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  Object-Oriented development Object-oriented methodology     The methodology that is going to be presented is OMT

Object Modeling Techniques (OMT)

OMT models Object Model

Capture the static structure of a system

  1. relationship between objects
  2. the attributes and operations that characterize each class of objects
Object and classes  Classes Object Diagram

A formal graphic notation for modeling objects, classes and their relationship to one another.

Attributes Operations and Methods  Links and Associations Multiplicity Multiply of Associations
Aggregation Generalization and Inheritance                                                      Multilevel Aggregation


Latihan 1

  1. List the object classes that is needed to make up this course. Prepare an object diagram that shows the relationship among the object classes. Include association, aggregations and generalizations.
  2. Prepare an instance disgram for the class diagram below for the expression (X+Y/2)/(X/3+Y)
Latihan 2

Kuiz 1

Preapare an object diagram for a graphical document editor that supports gouping, which is a concept used in a variety of graohical editors, including text, geometrical objects and groups. A group is simply a set of drawing object, possibly including other groups. A group must contain at least two drawing objects. A drawing object can be a direct member of at most one group. Geometrical objects include circles, ellipses, rectangle, line and squares.


Sediakan object diagram untuk menunjukkan sekurang-kurangnya 10 hubungan di antara object classes berikut. Termasuk association, aggregation dan generalization. Gunakan qualified association dan tunjukkan multipicity dalam rajah anda. Anda tida perlu menunjukkan atrribut dan operasi. Gunakan nama association jika diperlukan.Dalam menyediakan rajah, kemungkinan ada penambahan object classes baru.

  1. school, playground, principal, school board, classroom, book, student, teacher, cafeteria, rest room, computer, desk, chair, ruler, door, swing.
  2. castle, moat, drawbridge, tower, ghost, stairs, dungeon, floor, corridor, room, window, stone,lord, lady, cook.
  3. expression, constant, variable, function, argument list, relational operator, term,factor, arithmetic operator, statement, program.
  4. file system, file, directory, file name, ASCII file, executable file, directory file, disk, drive, track, sector.
  5. automobile,engine, wheel, brake, brake light, door, battery, muffler, tail pipe.
  6. gas furnace blower, blower motor, room thermostat, furnace thermostat, humidifier, humidity sensor, gas control, blower control, hot air vents.
  7. chess piece, rank, file, square, board, move, position, sequence of moves
  8. sink, freezer, refrigerator, table, light, switch, window, smoke alarm, burglar alarm, cabinet, bread, cheese, ice, door, kitchen.
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